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Facts to Know About Occupational Therapy for Kids

kid playingOccupational therapy (OT) is associated with adults. However, it is not only useful for adults but to kids as well. OT offered to children is known as pediatric occupational therapy. Everyday Independence Occupational therapy focuses on helping kids with a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities to help them live independent lives. That said, here are some essential facts that you should know about occupational therapy.

What Is Occupational Therapy?y

OT can be defined as a special form of treatment that focuses on helping patients improve their gross and fine motor skills. When it comes to kids, it also helps them with a range of issues such as motor planning, self-regulation, and sensory processing.

It is worth noting that there is no one-size-fits-all solution as far as OT is concerned. Each condition is often treated differently. Therefore, the therapist should ensure that they understand the kid’s strengths and weaknesses before prescribing a rehabilitation program. 

How OT Helps

Kids with specific challenges stand to benefit greatly from OT. If your kid has dyspraxia (a developmental disorder that affects coordination), for instance, it is advisable to take them for some OT sessions. The therapist will, in turn, examine their physical needs and recommend some activities to help them improve their motor skills.

If your kid is struggling with their fine motor skills, the therapist might recommend exercises needed to enhance their hand dominance, such as picking up items using tweezers. Activities such as jumping jacks, catching balls, or running on obstacle courses, on the other hand, might be used to build their gross motor skills.

OT also helps kids with challenges in sensory processing. Kids who are unable to respond to various stimuli appropriately tend to react inappropriately to things that they feel, hear, or taste. If a kid tends to have some meltdowns or is hyperactive, the therapist might recommend things such as heavy work or a ‘sensory diet’ to help kids who evade certain types of stimuli and provide kids with the right sensory input, respectively.therapy session

Final Thoughts

Your kids should be able to learn and play with ease. And if you find that they struggle with activities that are considered easy-to-do, it is high time that you enlisted the services of a pediatric occupational therapist. Parents are advised to take their kids for pediatric OT as soon as they notice that they have challenges with doing some tasks.